At Skuish Cookies, we take food safety seriously, and we are proud to partner with a certified mass production facility that holds several important certifications and associations. These certifications and associations ensure that our cookies are produced with standardized quality, safety, and operations, and they provide recognition of fulfilled legal obligations and protection for consumers.

1. Our partner facility holds a BRC Food Safety Certification under the Global Food Safety Initiative, guaranteeing standardized quality, safety, and operations for our cookies. It also recognizes our fulfillment of legal obligations and our commitment to consumer protection.

2. The facility is also part of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a private organization that sets international standards for food safety management practices along the supply chain. This provides a global platform for collaboration between food safety experts, manufacturers, service providers, and governments.

3. In addition, our partner facility has achieved the highest-level certificate of Superior from AIB International Certification, which maintains its food safety program according to AIB International’s Consolidated Standards for Inspection.

4. Our partner facility is also approved by Health Canada and holds a DEL License, ensuring our facilities meet health product site licensing requirements. 

5. Our partner facility also maintains HACCP Certified Quality, which stands for “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point” and examines farm-to-table food safety with regulations set for various sectors by the Department of Agriculture and Food and Drug Administration.

6. We are proud to operate out of a segregated nut-free and tree nut-free facility that eliminates any chance of cross-contamination with allergens in our restricted-ingredient products. Our partner facility is also kosher certified, providing our clients with a wide range of dietary options.

At Skuish Cookies, we take pride in ensuring that every cookie we produce is of the highest quality and is safe for our customers to enjoy.