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🔥 What's a Cookie Drop?
A "cookie drop" is the moment when we release freshly hand-made cookies! We host cookie drops 1-2 times a week, and our online store will stay open for as long as we have cookies available. Once we sell out, our store will close until the next cookie drop. SUBSCRIBE BELOW to find out when the next cookie drop is happening!

🔥 How do I know when there's a Cookie Drop???
SUBSCRIBE BELOW to find out! We will email you with the exact date and time of our next cookie drop once we have more cookies.


🔥 Where do you deliver?
We currently deliver across Canada and USA!

🔥 How can I access your website?
Our online store closes when we are out of cookies (like right now). The only way in, is when there is a cookie drop happening. Subscribe below to get the notification via email!


🔥 I have a question/suggestion!

Please email or follow us on Instagram @skuishcookies to connect with our team!